Looking for New Drinks to Try?
Here are 5 Highly Recommended Alcoholic Beverages in Nigeria

There are always new drinks to try, and when it comes to alcoholic beverages, the options are endless. Start with these 5 highly recommended new drinks today.

There are always new drinks to try, and when it comes to alcoholic beverages, the options are endless. This is why in this article we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best whiskies and the finest gins and rums so you can discover a new favourite drink to share with friends, have at your party, or sip slowly at your alone time.

So if you’re on the hunt for your next favourite beverage, don’t be daunted by the many new drinks to try on the market. Start with these 5 highly recommended new drinks to try in Nigeria today.

New Whisky Drinks to Try With Friends

There’s no better drink for old friends than a glass of whisky. When next you’re out with your drinking buddies or hosting some friends, give a toast to genuine friendship with these two authentic blended scotch whiskies.

1. Royal Standard Blended Whisky – 

Made from a fine blend of Original Scotch malt whisky and the finest neutral spirit, Royal Standard Whisky offers a delicious and rich flavour, with a blend of caramel for a delightful finish. It is the No. 1 whisky in the country loved by countless Nigerians since its launch in 2018. 

2. MacArthur’s Blended Scotch Whisky

MacArthur’s blended scotch whisky is a product of over 140 years of perfecting scotch whisky distillation and blending. The brand dates back to 1877 when J. MacArthur & Co distilleries were founded to produce the finest scotch whiskies. Today, MacArthur’s scotch whisky delivers a perfect blend of single malt whiskies from the four central regions of Scotland and the finest grain whiskies.


New Alcoholic Bitters Drink to Try Every Morning

Bitters are a great drink to incorporate into your morning routine. Used in the right amount, they can give the liver a boost in detoxifying the body and coordinating metabolism. Here is a new drink to try that is perfect for the job.

3. Tusker Alcoholic Bitters 

Tusker Alcoholic Bitters is a herb-infused alcoholic beverage made from a blend of premium spirits and African herbs and root extracts Khaya Ivorensis (African Mahogany) and Dialium Guineese (velvet tamarind). It’s bold taste and herbal content can be a great mix for your morning bitters. 


New Cocktail Drink to Try on a Date

Rum and Dry Gin are cherished for their intense flavour and for making the best cocktails. So if you’re looking for new drinks to try on your upcoming date night with that special someone, then here’s our recommendation.

 4. Big Ben London Dry Gin

Big Ben London Dry Gin, named after the Great Bell in the Houses of Parliament in London England delivers a unique experience with its perfectly distilled blend and rich juniper flavour. With two flavoured gin options, Chocolate Gin and Strawberry Gin, you have various cocktails ideas to choose from for that special evening.

5. Captain Jack Rum

Captain Jack Rums offer a unique flavour for mixing the best cocktails. Perfected through a skilful distillation and ageing process of fermented sugarcane molasses and caramel, this beverage has two flavour options, Dark Rum which delivers a classic and intense rum taste, and Café Rum which adds a rich coffee flavour to its blend.

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