Stellar Beverages – Top Spirit Drinks
Manufacturer in Nigeria

How Spirit Drinks Manufacturers in Nigeria Like Stellar Beverages Make their Products.

Spirit drinks are the 2nd most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in Nigeria, with a market valued at $2.84 billion according to an International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR) report. The sector is a fast-growing industry in the country with more than 15 spirit drinks manufacturers in Nigeria as well as other marketing and packaging companies. One of Nigeria’s top-growing spirit drinks manufacturers is Stellar Beverages with over a decade in the Nigerian market. Here’s a brief overview of how stellar beverages manufactures spirit drinks in Nigeria.

How Spirit Drinks Manufacturers in Nigeria Like Stellar Beverages Make their Products

Up to 80% of alcoholic beverages consumed in Nigeria are produced locally contributing immensely to the local economy. As a top spirit drinks manufacturer in Nigeria, Stellar Beverages is not excluded from that number. Stellar beverages opened its first production facility in Ipaja, Lagos in 2015, and today operates a multi-million state-of-the-art production facility in Ogba, Lagos in November. 

To produce spirit drinks, manufacturers use a distillation process of previously fermented grains, fruits, vegetables, or sugar. Spirits have the highest alcohol by volume content often around 35-40% ABV. Tequila, rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, and bourbon are all popular types of spirit drinks.

How Stellar Beverages Became a Top Spirit Drinks Manufacturer in Nigeria

Stellar Beverages started as a modest spirits importation business in Nigeria, introducing the Big Ben London Dry Gin to the Nigerian market. To meet growing demand and leverage local production resources, Stellar beverages switched to local production of Big Ben London and today has up to 10 different beverages variety in the market. The company is fast growing with the goal of becoming the leading spirit drinks manufacturer in Nigeria.

Here is a timeline of Stellar Beverages’ operations in Nigeria:

  • 2012: We started as an importer of Big Ben London Dry Gin.
  • 2015: We set up our first factory in the Ipaja area of Lagos and began local production of our Big Ben Gin and Captain Jack Rums.
  • 2017 Captain Jack becomes Nigeria’s favourite Rum
  • 2018: We launch Royal Standard Whisky and Big Ben Chocolate Gin (The first flavoured Gin in Nigeria)
  • 2020: We open our state-of-the-art factory in Ogba, Lagos State.
  • 2021: RSW becomes the NO1 local whisky in Nigeria.
  • 2022: Big Ben Strawberry Gin launched.


Best Spirit Brands From Top Spirit Drinks Manufacturer in Nigeria – Stellar Beverages

From whisky to rum and gin, Stellar Beverages have quickly become some of Nigeria’s favourite spirits, with new and unique flavours being introduced. They are among the best spirit drinks to explore in the Nigerian market.

  1. Captain Jack Cafe Rum
  2. Captain Jack Dark Rum
  3. Big Ben London Dry Gin
  4. Big Ben Chocolate Flavoured Gin
  5. Big Ben Strawberry Flavoured Gin
  6. Royal Standard Blended Whisky
  7. Royal Standard Blended Scottish Vanilla
  8. Royal Standard Blended Scottish Fire
  9. MacArthur’s Blended Scotch Whisky
  10. Tusker Alcoholic Bitters

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