Top Made in Nigeria Spirit Drinks &
Why Choose Them Over Other Brands

Made in Nigeria Spirit Drinks represent our cultural pride and celebrate our heritage.

Made-in-Nigeria spirit drinks are gaining popularity as a way for local consumers to support homegrown businesses while enjoying original flavours developed indigenously. Today, many Made-in-Nigeria spirit drinks have made their way up the list of best-enjoyed liquors among Nigerian drinkers. If you’re a fan of delightful spirits, here are some Made-in-Nigeria spirit drinks on the market that are worth every sip.

Four Top Made in Nigeria Spirit Drinks


1. Big Ben London Dry Gin

This beverage was first introduced to the Nigerian market in 2012, however, at the time it was only being imported from the United Kingdom. This changed in 2015 when Stellar Beverages, decided to invest in local production and began producing the beverage within the shores of the country. The drink comes in two flavoured gin options, Chocolate Gin and Strawberry Gin, and delivers a unique experience with its perfectly distilled blend and rich juniper taste.

2. Captain Jack Rum

Another product of Stellar Beverages, Captain Jack was launched in 2015 and is currently manufactured and the company’s state-of-art manufacturing plant in Ogba Lagos. The beverage has 2 flavour options: Captain Jack Cafe Rum & Captain Jack Dark Rum, and offer a unique flavour perfected through a skilful distillation and ageing process.

3. Tusker Alcoholic Bitters 

Tusker Alcoholic Bitters was first introduced to the Nigerian market in 2021 by Stellar Beverages with a commitment to local sourcing and production. Tusker Bitters is a herb-infused alcoholic beverage made from a blend of premium spirits and two African herbs and root extracts Khaya Ivorensis (African Mahogany) and Dialium Guineese (velvet tamarind).

4. Royal Standard Blended Whisky – 

Launched in 2018, Royal Standard Blended Whisky is produced locally by Stellar Beverages. Made from a fine blend of Original Scotch malt whisky and the finest neutral spirit, Royal Standard Whisky offers a delicious and rich flavour, with a blend of caramel for a delightful finish. It is the No. 1 locally manufactured whisky in the country. since its launch in 2018. The beverage comes in three flavours of this beverage: Royal Standard Blend Whisky, Royal Standard Blended Scottish Vanilla, and Royal Standard Blended Scottish Fire.

Why Choose Made in Nigeria Spirit Drinks

Spirit drinks are a type of alcoholic beverage that comprises whiskey, rum, brandy and vodka. They are reported to be Nigeria’s 2nd most widely consumed alcoholic beverages, with a market valued at $2.84 billion. However, many liquor brands in the country are imported products. To change this, a few companies like Stellar Beverages have been investing heavily in making Made-in-Nigeria spirit drinks popular and widely available among Nigerian liquor drinkers. 

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Made-in-Nigeria Spirit drinks over imported brands:

  1. It is a way of supporting local businesses and the country’s economy
  2. Made in Nigeria Spirit Drinks are affordable while delivering a variety of unique and complex flavours
  3. Made in Nigeria Spirit Drinks represent our cultural pride and celebrate our heritage


Stellar Beverages – Leading Manufacturer of Made in Nigeria Spirit Drinks

Stellar Beverages is a top spirit drinks manufacturer in Nigeria committed to contributing immensely to the local economy through Made-in-Nigeria spirit drinks. Stellar Beverages opened its first production facility in Ipaja, Lagos in 2015, and today operates a multi-million state-of-the-art production facility in Ogba, Lagos in November. 

Initially established as a humble importation business for spirits in Nigeria, the company swiftly transitioned to local production of its offerings to satisfy the increasing demand and capitalize on the available production resources within the region. Today, Stellar Beverages has up to 10 different beverages variety in the market. 

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