Who Makes Tusker Alcoholic Bitters? & Other Quick Facts About the Drink

Here are a few quick facts about the manufacturing company who makes Tusker Alcoholic Bitters…

With the unique elephant logo known with the brand, Tusker Alcoholic Bitters is a herb-infused alcoholic beverage favoured by drinkers with bold taste buds, and made from a blend of premium spirits and African herbs and root extracts. If you’re new to this beverage, we provide information in this article about who makes Tusker Alcoholic Bitters as well as other interesting tips on how to enjoy the drink best

Who Makes Tusker Alcoholic Bitters in Nigeria?

Tusker Alcoholic Bitters is produced by Stellar Beverages located in Ogba, Lagos. This beverage was first introduced to the Nigerian market in 2021  with a commitment to local sourcing and production. 

About Stellar Beverages – Manufacturer Who Makes Tusker Alcoholic Bitters

Here are a few quick facts about the manufacturing company who makes Tusker Alcoholic Bitters

  1. Stellar Beverages was founded in 2012, and its current chairman is Gavin Stewart.
  2. Stellar Beverages set up its first factory in the Ipaja area of Lagos in 2015
  3. In November 2020, Stellar Beverages invested in a new state-of-the-art factory in Ogba, Lagos

How is Tusker Alcoholic Bitters Made?

Tusker Alcoholic Bitters gets its unique taste from a mix of Khaya Ivorensis (African Mahogany) and Dialium Guineese (velvet tamarind) infused into perfectly distilled alcohol.

How to Enjoy Tusker Alcoholic Bitters

Tusker Bitters can wow your taste buds in many different ways. You can enjoy it plain, in a glass with ice. And If you love mixing your drinks, then your Tusker Alcoholic Bitters is the perfect match with an energy drink.

Where to Buy Tusker Alcoholic Bitters

Tusker Alcoholic Bitters is stocked widely across liquor stores in Nigeria, as well as most online retailers.

Want to find out more about the company that makes Tusker Alcoholic Bitters? Visit stellarbeverages.com/